GALVAFLON VAT – Immersion Heaters

Galvaflon VAT Immersion Heaters

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Galvaflon VAT Immersion Heaters

  • Immersion heaters for aggressive process liquids
  • Low thickness
  • From 1 kW to 3 kW, stainless steel or coated with Teflon®

The Teflon® FEP coating ensures the chemical resistance to oxydizing agents as well as anti-adhesive properties facilitating the cleaning of the element. Its low thermic charge (below 2 W/cm2) considerably reduces the length of the encrustation process.

Galvaflon immersion heater
The GALVAFLON heater consists of a stainless-steel heating tube coated with Teflon® FEP. The PVDF-made connection complies to protection IP 65 (splashproof to EN 60528) and also resists the chemical attacks of the vapors produced by the bath.

The PVC electrical cable has a standard length of 1.5m.

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