SYNOTHERM – Polymer Heat Exchangers


SYNOTHERM – Polymer Heat Exchangers
Polymer heat exchangers are suitable for heating and cooling a variety of media, where metallic plate heat exchangers cannot be used. The required size can be selected according to the desired thermal output and the container dimensions.

The heat exchangers are integrated in the container via either factory-fitted attachments, or via a mount on the frame. Alternatively, rods that protrude from the heat exchanger are available for fitting at the customer’s site.

The tube design implicates a large heat transfer area. The transfer area is even larger than with plate heat exchangers at the same displaced volume. This means that an adequate thermal output can be achieved despite the lower heat transfer properties of polymers.

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Polymer heat exchangers have PFA tubes which are wound onto supports. Spacers between the tubes ensure an adequate through flow with process media.

For the fast planning of a heat exchanger SYNOTHERM, we need some additional information. Please complete both a power demand form and also the specific heat exchanger form and email to us.